Product Teaser

Project Details

  • Client: Aivah
  • Type: Product Teaser
  • Special Thanks:
    Avenue of the Arts Hotel
    Silver Trumpet Restaurant
    Bao and Baguette
    Tyler Reinhold
    Mark Elliot
    Vee Chorng
    Isaac Park
    Kat Elliot
    Moe Mofid
    Amir Mofid
    Van Ding
    Dustin Ding

Aivah is an artificial intelligence-enabled self-service kiosk created for businesses. In this product teaser, the goal was to show three of the main industries the kiosk is used for: hotels, restaurants, and retail. We scouted dozens of locations that would support the script and what Aivah wanted, including the Avenue of the Arts Boutique Hotel, the Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar, and Bao and Baguette. Those are high-traffic businesses, so we had the challenge of receiving management approval, coordinating the times that would have the least impact on the businesses to lower our overhead cost, and finding optimal filming times for the best lighting and minimal background noise.

Beyond the commercial, our client was looking for a spokesperson for its brand—a female professional in her late 20s or early 30s. The client saw its target demographic as young professionals who are technologically savvy, busy, and who value efficiency. We went through hundreds of headshots, conducted casting calls, and finally found our spokesperson, actress Britney Sweis.

We believe she is the perfect fit because she has a versatile look that can reflect a business executive or a casual employee, which allows a wide-ranging audience to relate to her. We also hired several other actors and actresses who fit the demographic our client was looking for. We compiled a great cast who looked and worked naturally together and captured the diversity our client expected. Once all three locations were secured and our cast was hired, we shot eight hours of footage over two days, plus six hours of B-roll footage. The commercial seen here is a teaser, but the remaining hours will be used in ongoing drip video campaigns. That way, we can maximize value for our clients by creating multiple commercials from one shoot. We will post the drip campaign videos as they are completed. 


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